A portal to Texas
public revenue data

We make it easy to access the Texas Comptroller's public revenue data for local governments

All in one place

We've taken the time to aggregate all of the public revenue reports.

Consistent Access

We've taken the effort to standardize, clean up, and provide the data in a consistent format.

Free API

Want to build apps using public data? Get a free API key.

Doing research?

Easily download and export the data.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

It's free, as in beer.

What data do you have?

Right now, we have sales, hotel, and mixed beverage tax data. We might add more in the future.

Why are you doing this?

We built the infrastructure for our own needs. Since we already made it, we figured we should give it away. The data is public anyway!

How is the data licensed?

It's public data, available for free through the Texas Comptroller. We offer no warranties of the accuracy of the data, and cannot vouch for nor answer questions about it. We literally just scrape their public reports and download from

I really need you to add X. Why won't you do it right now!

This was built for our own internal uses. If we don't have a revenue source you'd like to see, it's probably because we don't need it for anything we're doing. If we need it in the future or we can spare the time to include it, we will. In the meantime, sorry...

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